Carpet Care Problem Solution Guide.

Carpet Care Problems, according to the definition issue the occurred problems, causes of problems and solutions with application errors, dosing equipment.

Problem Cause Suggesitons
Felting on rugs Wrong chemical use Usually happens because of wrong product use ore cleaning without foam generators. Residual bacteria and detergent residue causes felting on rugs and quicker pollution. Suitable cleaning method must be chosen
Post washing smudges Wrong chemical and method use
Inadequate stain removing
Adhesive used on carpets can sometimes dissolve during cleaning and cause smudges. For this kinds of carpets, dry foam method must be used
Unseen side of the smudge(inside the carpet itself) can be bigger , stain removers and dry-wet machines can be used for more effective cleaning
Color and shade differences after local cleaning Cleaning stain after local cleaning If the carpet is extremely dirty, after local stain removing application, there will be a shade differance between cleaned and uncleaned sides of the caroet. In order to counteract this carpet must be cleaned fully
Sear on carpets * Stain happens by cigarette ashes * Burnt side can be cut with a scissors carefully
Candle or gum stain on carpets * Candle or gum stain * Apply ice to the stained areas in order to freeze and scratch residues. Use stain removers for the rest
Tea, coffe or wine etc stains. * Stains caused by food products * Apply stain removers locally